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What is the GAPS Diet?


This post contains affiliate links. In which I need to really, really get it right… Last month we, rather belatedly, did some testing for our homeopath to follow up on and Amy came up some interesting results. I figured that sooner or later, food would figure in and it did. Amy’s results showed that Zoe could benefit […]

Your Guide for Halloween with Special Needs & Autism


As you know, my kids love Halloween- it is the official kick off to the holiday season, after all! But as the number of children with autism, SPD, food sensitivities/allergies/Celiac and other problems continue to rise, Halloween can be a harbinger of stress for a family raising a child with special needs. Here, then, is Mom-Blog’s […]

Natural Food & Health News 9/26/14 #autism #CDCWhistleblower

Natural food and health news

9/21/14: StateFarm Drops Rob Schneider Due to His Opinion PR Week reported that StateFarm dropped Rob Schneider from their ad campaign because of his stance on vaccine freedom. (I’m calling it that. None of this anti-vax negativity. It’s a right that parents are losing – the ability to disallow doctors from injecting toxins into our […]

You Offend Me, Richard Dawkins, But I’m OK With It

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I woke up yesterday to scripture that encouraged praying for your enemies because it’s God’s will. My immediate thought was, I don’t have any enemies – I think! But then I prayed on it, just to make sure I wasn’t missing someone. Which  makes this post crazy-relevant because a few hours later, I read something […]

The Up Side of Autism

Today was an emotional day, for some reason. Not sure why, but this morning during my quiet time, I got extremely sad thinking about all the parents doing their best and still, even after amazing advances, have to deal with so many difficulties that their child with autism suffers. This weekend I heard a story about […]