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Sensory Friendly Clothing Giveaway

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Today’s giveaway is sponsored by Kozie ClothesTM. I’d love to introduce you today to Kozie ClothesTM. This company creates clothing, adaptive medical equipment and items for children with sensory issues. Their Temperature Control clothing helps kids with thermal regulation. What? What’s Thermal Regulation? Thermal or temperature regulation is the ability to keep your body at a proper temperature […]

This Week in Alternative Healing, 4/18/14

this week in natural healing

So much going on lately, I have to fly through this! Please be sure to check out Mom-Blog all weekend. In addition to my usual gluten and allergen free coupons section tomorrow, I’ll be doing an awesome giveaway on Sunday just for kids with sensory issues! Monday I’ll review my attendance at Philly Farm Fest, […]

This Week in #Autism News, 4/11/14

This week in autism

Plenty going on this week in autism news! First of all, I have new feeds so you can RSS subscribe to this weekly section or my Saturday gluten-free coupon section. Here’s a look at the top stories this week: 4/7/14: Chili’s NAA Fundraiser Cancelled Chili’s Grill & Bar was to hold a fundraiser that would […]

This Week in #Autism, 3/21/14

This week in autism

Survived being sick this week! So now I have a doc appointment next week, but can’t afford affordable care We’ll see how that turns out… Kids have visit too, so they can compete in the Special Olympics. AND HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE!! Your news this week: 3/19/14: Autism and Antidepressants in Pregnancy This article by Beth […]

This Week in Autism, 3/7/14

This week in autism

March is here, so do yourself a favor and rent “Dallas Buyer’s Club.” Just an early peak into some of the corruption and health-handling by the FDA (and later, the CDC) that possibly laid the ground work for Americans losing their health rights. (I’m not talking about the ACA, I’m talking about laws enacted in […]

Someone Stronger: How Autism Changed Me

Confident woman

I was over at Sam Wessel’s site, watching the trailer for the United States of Autism, when I was suddenly overwhelmed by a tidal feeling. It was a combination of  many things. Pain, wonder, agony, awe, hope, despair, empathy…a wave of emotion over what’s happening all around America as the numbers of kids with lower functioning […]