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Hello, I’m Gina Badalaty, owner of Mom-Blog. I’ve been blogging since 2003, when my life changed and I had a beautiful baby girl with Mosaic Down syndrome. In 2005, I had another precious girl, who later was diagnosed with autism. Both my children have made substantial progress through extensively inclusive schools, clean eating habits including the autism diet, supplements and homeopathy, as well as natural medical care. I believe that non-GMO, organic foods, green living and allergen-free environment can help all kids improve academically, socially and behaviorally. I’m a for several companies, co-editor of Mamavation.com and brand ambassador for clean, organic and allergen-free products.

gina badalaty

My full story? A long time ago, I had a beautiful baby girl following a risky pregnancy. A few weeks after delivering, I was told she had a rare form of Down syndrome called Mosaicism and a heart murmur. I didn’t know much about nutrition, or health, or green living back then; I just knew that I’d discovered an unconditional sort of love when I looked into my daughter’s eyes..and that I’d do anything for her.

Baby Amelia

She was always smiling and happy !

She was such an angel baby that nothing could have made me happier than to have another daughter. Two years and 9 months later, a few weeks shy of my 40th birthday, my 2nd daughter was born and 5 years of sleepless nights began.


Who needs sleep when you have such a darling at home?

I simply thought she was a spirited child but by the time my youngest was 2, I knew something was up. She was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, and I thought, “Thank God it’s not autism! We just do therapy to get her over it and we’re done.”

The autism diagnosis came a few months later.

Now, back when I was in my early 30s, I suffered a serious stroke and was 100% back to normal within a few months. You don’t go through something without completely changing your outlook. I became a true believer – in God’s healing, in hope, in possibility. I left my melancholy behind for good and became an optimist.

Yea, but autism? In 2008, no one had anything good to say about it, no one knew what caused it, no one seemed to have any hope at all.

But my DNA had radically changed by then, and before long, I was wondering why this had happened and what we could do. Therapy had only limited success with either of my kids, inclusion had much more but also limited impact, and finally, in the spring of 2010, we had had enough of sleepless nights and cranky kids.

I decided to try the autism diet.

Like a bell that can’t be unrung, the decision to remove all forms of casein (milk proteins) from my kids’ lives had remarkable results. Within a few weeks, one child was sleeping through the night for the first time ever, and the other – whose lifelong allergies were allegedly the result of “just Down syndrome” – never had another sniffle.

The best part? The note from the teacher telling me how much my oldest had improved in school!

That experience taught me to hope, to seek for answers outside of “just live with it,” to reject the status quo, to go outside my comfort zone and explore the strange new worlds of biomed and homeopathy and toxic-free living.

In the course of my life, I’ve had caring, amazing, respectful medical doctors – and those who could give a flip about my opinion, my questions or my results with my kids. I’ve also had alternative practitioners that made me unsettled and those that helped me to learn and helped my kids progress. You need to take control and pick your own route down these roads. Take nothing anyone says as gospel until you look at it for yourself. Things I’ve learning raising my kids?

  • Trust your instincts.
  • Leave no stone unturned. NOT A SINGLE STONE.
  • Ask questions, a LOT of questions, and never take “no answer” for an answer. There is ALWAYS an answer.
  • Take the terms “science” and “scholarly” with a grain of salt. Better yet, see if you can find a money trail motivating them. I do believe in science but I’ve seen corruption wreck what it has become today.
  • Lean on your faith. You’ll need to; you WILL get more than you can handle.
  • Take help when you can get it! Respite care, an offer for someone to watch your kids, your spouse cooking dinner. You never know when you’ll get that chance again – maybe next week, or maybe not for another 8 or 10 months. I’ve been down both roads!
  • The heck with housekeeping. I prefer giving my kids the freedom to draw on my walls once in a while.
  • Nutrition is EVERYTHING.
  • Enjoy yourself and your kids when your demanding life allows for it. You need to and your kids need you to as well.
  • And most importantly?


We are here and we are strong: the autism and special needs mamas who are fighting for our kids’ healing. My mission is to help, encourage AND inspire other moms like us, especially if we are raising special needs children or children on special diets.

Things I’ll discuss on this blog include:

  • gluten-free, casein-free, and lots of other junk-free products
  • how to become organic / green / nontoxic if you’re not
  • biomedical, natural and homeopathic healing for behaviors
  • autism
  • Down syndrome / Mosaic Down syndrome
  • sensory processing disorder
  • raising girls
  • learning disabilities
  • inclusion
  • cultivating a strong marriage that supports you and your kids
  • taking care of yourself

One caveat: since this blog is over 10 years old, you may find older posts or reviews or something that does not fit with my current outlook. To grow is to change, and that’s the result of “live and  learn.” I’ve learned a LOT just in the past 3 years, and honestly, I barely resemble the woman I was just 2 years ago. Keep that in mind when you’re looking at older posts!

I’d love to hear more about you and how I can help you! Drop me email at ginabad (at) gmail (dot) com and let’s chat!

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