“Nourished”: A Book for the Struggling Mom

nourished book

I received this book to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own. Struggle. It’s the perfect adjective to describe what this fall and winter have felt like to me. Times have been, true, but also very very hard and, for once, I was grateful the holidays went by with speed since my broken heart felt […]

What is the GAPS Diet?


This post contains affiliate links. In which I need to really, really get it right… Last month we, rather belatedly, did some testing for our homeopath to follow up on and Amy came up some interesting results. I figured that sooner or later, food would figure in and it did. Amy’s results showed that Zoe could benefit […]

Twelve Years and Counting

turning 12

  Yesterday was a big milestone: my oldest girl turned 12! Unlike past years, I was not melancholy for days on end about her beautiful and scary beginnings. We’ve been busy and so preoccupied and being the mom of two tweens for only one more year means there’s a lot of other stuff going on. In one […]

New 2015 Gratitude List


This morning I woke up and decided to pick up my thread about the case of the 17 year old is who is being forced to have chemo against her family wishes, and just ended up in arguments. Elsewhere on Facebook, there were discussions about the terrorist attack this morning in France, and on Twitter […]

Getting Dental Care for Kids with SPD & Autism


I received this book to review from Future Horizons; all opinions are my own. If you have a child with sensory issues, you know that going to the dentist can be a huge problem. In fact, dental care has a dilemma for me to solve for both of my children. Amelia is terrified of latex (perhaps she’s […]

In Praise of Our (Laid Back) Charter School

Zoe and Amelia are buddies in school - way more than at home!

As you may know, my girls attend Seven Generations Charter School. This school is only a few years old – it opened the year Amelia went into the first grade and she is now attending 6th grade there. It’s had its share of trouble. It’s been through a number of leaders – 7, I hear. […]

7 Tips to Help You Get Fit in 2015

2015 fitntess

If you’re a mom like me worried about the toxins all around us, especially in food, you may make the mistake I’ve made. In 2014, I focused almost all my health goals on my family – especially my children – and my own well-being has fallen by the wayside. I barely worked out. I cooked […]