5 Ways to Teach Your Child Time

foam clock

I received Zingo! to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own. Counting is difficult for my daughter, and translating minutes or counting by 5′s is a big challenge as well. This makes telling time a real challenge. Together with the amazing math teachers at Seven Gen, however, Amelia has learned to tell time, but it always […]

Natural Food & Health News 8/29/14 – GMOs, vaccines, autism again

Natural food and health news

It’s been a good week – nothing says “good week” better than your child having a good first day at school! Here’s this week’s news 8/28/14: Hawaii Judge Rules Against GMO Reg’s Capital Press is reporting that in Hawaii, a federal judge “has invalidated a Hawaiian county’s regulations for genetically modified organisms, but has affirmed that […]

Creating a Baby-Safe World


One of my main missions in writing Mom-Blog is to help you raise your kids safely, protecting them from toxins, chemicals, and unsafe foods and more. To help you, I do a few things: Share with you want I know about how to eat clean and living a nontoxic life. Provide you tips and hacks to […]

Grocery Savings Made Simple Course and Sale #affiliate

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This post contains my affiliate links for the course. I hope that my tips on Frugal Organic Online Shopping, Frugal Organic Grocery Shopping, Frugal Grocery Apps You’ll Love and Where to Find Organic Coupons as well as How to Make Your Own Products. So now that you’ve been through my Eating Clean on the Cheap Series, you may be wondering, what next? […]

You Offend Me, Richard Dawkins, But I’m OK With It

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I woke up yesterday to scripture that encouraged praying for your enemies because it’s God’s will. My immediate thought was, I don’t have any enemies – I think! But then I prayed on it, just to make sure I wasn’t missing someone. Which  makes this post crazy-relevant because a few hours later, I read something […]

Back to School with All New School Lunch Ideas! #ad

BACK TO SCHOOL lunch ideas

Feeding kids with soy, dairy and gluten sensitivities,leaving out preservatives and artificial flavors, along with lowering sugar and bad carbs makes it challenging to pack a school lunch. For the last few years of eating “real,” allergen-friendly food, what I’ve done is make a large hot meal and save some for the kids for the […]

If I Weren’t a Mom…


I’ve been posting a lot about how I feel lately – and it hasn’t been good. I *could* chalk it up to summer and being stuck home with the kids, but the truth is, this feeling has been building since the spring. Overwhelmed. Underappreciated. Sinking fast. I am relatively sure that a lot of it […]