Review: Genie Bra Pack & Slim Tone Leggings

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I received a sample to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links in post.

I wear underwire bras, and I’m going to be honest with you – I hate them.  Sure, I like how I look, but I hate how they feel and I worry that the wires are causing harm.  When I got an opportunity to review Genie Bras, I jumped on it because they have no underwire and are supposed to hold and shape you.  In addition, I got try out their Slim Tone Leggings.

The Good

Genie Bra & Slim Leggings

Genie Bra & Slim Leggings

Genie Bra: I really like these bras!  Very comfortable, easy to wash and they come with removable pads…so you can wear them just to hang around (yes, a pun!) or you can spruce up your outfit with a cup.  Much more comfortable than that scratchy underwire.  I don’t usually wear anything except a supportive tank in my day-to-day home life, but I AM wearing these because they provide just the right amount of support.  Nice and smooth under my clothes and supportive as well.  I liked the way these bras fit too – I was worried when I saw they looked small, but they conformed to my shape.  They are washer/dryer friendly too.  Check them out the multitude of colors they come in at the Genie Bra Website or on Facebook.

Slim Tone Leggings: Did I gain weight? These were super tight on me!  I’m a huge legging fan, but they were tight (did I go UP a size???)  THEN I washed them, and whoa… hot!!  It gave them just enough stretch – you should always wash clothes before you wear them anyway.  They totally tone and pull you.  Look, I have a curvy butt, it’s a miracle:

Slim Tone LeggingsSlim Tone Leggings, in my favorite color!

Slim Tone LeggingsSlim Tone Leggings, in my favorite color!

Buy them at my affiliate link:

The Bad
They are really tight, but the more I wore them, the more they shaped to my body.  The only problem with these bras is that they come up really high.  I mean, REALLY high!  No problem if you’re wearing a T-shirt, turtleneck, or sweater, but you can’t do anything lower than a small v-neck.  This makes up the bulk of my wardrobe unfortunately, so I’m glad that I got this campaign in the winter, and have been wearing them regularly.  I’d love if they made them prettier or smoother in the front so you could wear them at least with a v-neck sweater.

The tights are tight, but again, a washing eases them.  They are shapers, so someone like me can’t wear them for a whole day (I’m sensitive that way) but I am DEFINITELY wearing these on date night!

Overall Opinion
Good, solid products in my opinion, comfortable and easy to care for.  I like them, and am using them daily!
Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a Blog Tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Genie Bra and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Genie Bra Pack & Slim Tone Leggings

  1. joane

    are those the regular slim and tone leggings by genie?? or the ULTRA leggings? – which i didn’t know about after i completed my order with my credit card info.. they asked if i wanted to upgrade the the ultra legging for extra $9.99 per pair.. they said the material is more thicker and it has more support.
    can you please let me know if that’s the regular or the ULTRA ones.. thanks.


    1. Gina B Post author

      Hi Joane. Well, I don’t see “Ultra” on the label, nor do I see any info online about them. I assumed these were the $19 ones, but I can’t find any info on them. And, the leggings did not come in packages, like the bras did. I’m sorry, I just don’t know the answer.

  2. Janine Garnder

    Maybe you can help me. Do you have an email address for this manufacturer? All I got is an auto-agent when I ordered my leggings, and they accidentally upgraded me to something else, and there was no way to correct the mistake or even cancel the order to start over again. I’ve checked the website for them, and there’s no way to email them.

    I’m so frustrated. Please pass on an email address if you have one?????

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